One More River


One More River is a 1934 American drama film mystery directed by James Whale.[1] It was produced and distributed by Universal Pictures and starred Colin Clive, Diana Wynyard and stage actress Mrs Patrick Campbell in one of her very few films. The film marked Jane Wyatt's screen debut.[2] It is based on a 1933 novel by John Galsworthy.[3][4]

The novel was the conclusion of a trilogy the Nobel Prize-winner conceived as a supplement to his popular "Forsyte Saga," which told of generations of an upper middle class English family through the period when the stability of the Victorian era gave way to the uncertainties and tensions of modernity. Universal snapped up the film rights to this best seller and gave the prestigious project to its star director, James Whale.[5]

Filming from May to July 1934, One More River was one of the first films to be subjected to the exacting censorship of the Production Code Administration under Joseph I. Breen, which took effect in mid-1934.[5]

A trailer to the film is preserved in the Library of Congress collection, Packard Campus for Audio-Visual Conservation.[6]

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weitere Titel:
One More River ast
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
IMDB: 340
Verleih:Universal Studios
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