Charlie Chan – Das Schloss in der Wüste


Castle in the Desert is a 1942 film featuring the Chinese detective Charlie Chan. It was the eleventh film to feature Sidney Toler as the title character, and the last made by 20th Century Fox. The series continued with Toler, though under much reduced circumstances, at Monogram Pictures.

Mrs. Manderley, an eccentric descendant of the Borgias lives in a castle in the middle of the Mojave Desert with her husband Paul Manderley, a reclusive scholarly millionaire. Someone is killed after being poisoned. Paul tries to cover up the murder in which Charlie Chan investigates. In addition to Paul Manderley and his wife (who may be insane and not responsible for her actions) other suspects include:

The clues include:

Aiding and hindering Chan's investigation is his Number Two son Jimmy, who is on leave with the U.S. Army, and decides to get involved to help his father solve the case, much to the senior Chan's annoyance.

The location is loosely based on Scotty's Castle, a Spanish Revival style villa built by a Chicago millionaire as a vacation home in Death Valley.

Quelle: Wikipedia(englisch)
weitere Titel:
Castle in the Desert ast
Charlie Chan e il castello nel deserto
Charlie Chan – Das Schloss in der Wüste
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
IMDB: 1353
Regie:Harry Lachman
Drehbuch:Earl Derr Biggers
Kamera:Virgil Miller
Musik:Emil Newman
Darsteller:Sidney Toler
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