Die Professionals


Prime Cut is a 1972 American action crime film produced by Joe Wizan and directed by Michael Ritchie, with a screenplay written by Robert Dillon.

The film stars Lee Marvin as a mob enforcer from the Chicago Irish Mob sent to Kansas to collect a debt from a meatpacker boss played by Gene Hackman. It co-stars Sissy Spacek, in her first credited on-screen role as a young orphan being sold into prostitution, and Angel Tompkins.[2]

The film was considered highly risqué for its time based on its violence and the hint of a homosexual relationship between two brothers. Its graphic depiction of female slavery includes a scene depicting naked young women in pens being auctioned like cattle. It is also noted for its depiction of the beef slaughtering process and for a chase scene involving a combine harvester in an open field.[3][4]

Quelle: Wikipedia(englisch)
weitere Titel:
Prime Cut sh ast
Arma da taglio eml
Первоклассный товар
Carne viva
Die Professionals
Παράνομο φορτίοel
نخستین برشfa
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
IMDB: 49000
Verleih:National General Pictures, Netflix
Regie:Michael Ritchie
Drehbuch:Robert Dillon
Kamera:Gene Polito
Musik:Lalo Schifrin
Produzent:Joe Wizan
Darsteller:Lee Marvin
Gene Hackman
Sissy Spacek
Gregory Walcott
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