Our Little Girl


Our Little Girl is a 1935 American drama, in which Shirley Temple and Joel McCrea play the leading roles. The film was the final work of the veteran director, John S. Robertson.

The protagonist, Molly Middleton (Temple), is the daughter of a physician, Donald Middleton (McCrea), and his neglected wife, Elsa (Rosemary Ames), who becomes attracted to her husband's best friend, Rolfe Brent (Lyle Talbot).

Our Little Girl is largely overshadowed not only by its predecessors, Bright Eyes and The Little Colonel, but also its immediate successors, Curly Top and The Littlest Rebel — all major hits for Temple that launched her international stardom. Unlike her other films of this period, it included no dancing and only one song. She played a character neither partially nor completely orphaned, as she had, or would, in nearly all of her other films. Our Little Girl was the penultimate film by Temple during her time at Fox in which she did not play an orphan. The last such film would be The Blue Bird: in her next thirteen movies, she would play the part of an orphan.

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weitere Titel:
Un angolo di paradiso
Our Little Girl ast
Notre petite fille
Familjens lilla solstråle
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
IMDB: 508
Verleih:Fox Film Corporation
Regie:John S. Robertson
Drehbuch:Stephen Morehouse Avery
Kamera:John F. Seitz
Darsteller:Shirley Temple
Joel McCrea
Jack Donohue
Lyle Talbot
Erin O'Brien-Moore
J. Farrell MacDonald
Leonard Carey
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