Forbidden Temptations


Forbidden Temptations or Italian: Tentazioni proibite is a 1965 Italian documentary film directed by Osvaldo Civirani.

Although the narration of the movie is almost entirely in Italian, one of the performers featured in this documentary, the Canadian-American actress Yvonne De Carlo, performed a musical number in English. Midway through her performance, she performs a gown and glove dance which reveals that her strapless dress is composed of two parts: a leotard which doubles as a bodice, and a removable skirt. She then puts on a tail for the second half of her number. During her gown and glove dance, the narrator mentions, in Italian, her television series, The Munsters(her scenes in the documentary were filmed while she was in Italy during the hiatus between the series' first and second seasons).

Quelle: Wikipedia(englisch)
weitere Titel:
Forbidden Temptations
Tentazioni proibite
IMDB: 18
Regie:Osvaldo Civirani
Drehbuch:Osvaldo Civirani
Kamera:Osvaldo Civirani
Musik:Lallo Gori
Darsteller:Dana Ghia
Howard Ross
Mara Carisi
Alberto Sordi
Carol Danell
Christine Keeler
Carlo Dapporto
Yvonne De Carlo
Brigitte Bardot
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