Longshot – Ein gewagtes Spiel


Longshot is a 2001 American comedy film directed by Lionel C. Martin, and written by Lou Pearlman, as a promotional tool to promote the acting debuts of his succession of successful boybands and girl groups, such as NSYNC, O-Town and Natural, as well as rapper Lil' Kim, singer Britney Spears, girlband Innosense and pop-hip hop trio LFO, all of whom had cameo appearances in the film, as Pearlman had worked with all of them during the late 1990s and early 2000s. Hunter Tylo,[1] Paul Sorvino[2][3] Antonio Sabato Jr.,[2][3] Zachery Ty Bryan,[2][3] and Kenny Rogers[4] star in the film and Spears has a cameo.[4]

The plot recounts the tale of a young boy, Alex Taylor, who gets caught up in his brother's activities as a gigolo, and uses each of the said pop acts as a tool within the film.

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25.10.2001 in Deutschland
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Longshot lmo tr ast
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Longshot – Ein gewagtes Spiel
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
Verleih:Lou Pearlman
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