The Seventh Victim


The Seventh Victim is a 1943 American horror film noir directed by Mark Robson and starring Tom Conway, Jean Brooks, Isabel Jewell, Kim Hunter, and Hugh Beaumont. Written by DeWitt Bodeen and Charles O'Neal, and produced by Val Lewton for RKO Radio Pictures, the film focuses on a young woman who stumbles on an underground cult of devil worshippers in Greenwich Village, New York City, while searching for her missing sister. It marks Robson's directorial debut and was Hunter's first onscreen role.

O'Neal had written the script as a murder mystery, set in California, that followed a woman hunted by a serial killer. Bodeen revised the script, basing the story on a Satanic society meeting he attended in New York City.[3] Filming took place over 24 days in May 1943 at RKO Studios in Los Angeles.

Released on August 21, 1943, the film failed to garner significant income at the box office and received mixed reviews from critics, who found its narrative incoherence a primary fault. It was later revealed that Robson and an editor, John Lockert, had removed four substantial scenes from the final cut, including an extended conclusion. In spite of its mixed reception, the film became a cult film in England, noted by critics for its homoerotic undertones.

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weitere Titel:
A Sétima Vítima
La Septième Victime
The Seventh Victim an sh cs ast id
Seitsemäs uhrifi
La settima vittima
Седьмая жертва
هفتمین قربانیfa
দ্য সেভেন্থ ভিক্টিমbn
Det sjunde offret
Genre:Horrorfilm, Mysteryfilm, LGBT-Film
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
IMDB: 65000
Verleih:RKO Pictures, Netflix
Regie:Mark Robson
Drehbuch:DeWitt Bodeen
Kamera:Nicholas Musuraca
Musik:Roy Webb
Produzent:Val Lewton
Darsteller:Jean Brooks
Isabel Jewell
Kim Hunter
Tom Conway
Evelyn Brent
Fjodor Fjodorowitsch Schaljapin
Barbara Hale
Lloyd Ingraham
Elizabeth Russell
Hugh Beaumont
Ben Bard
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