Sólo Con Tu Pareja


Sólo con Tu Pareja (lit. "Only with your partner" ) is a 1991 Mexican film by Alfonso Cuarón.

This was the first full-feature film for Cuarón who had previously worked at Televisa, a Mexican television company. The stars of this film are Daniel Giménez Cacho (the narrator on Cuarón's second Mexican film Y Tu Mamá También) and telenovela star Claudia Ramírez.

After Alfonso Cuarón and his brother Carlos Cuarón wrote the script, they needed to secure financing. The government of Mexico's IMCINE (Instituto Mexicano de Cinematografía) had already decided what films they would finance that year. However, one of the projects was canceled and the IMCINE funds were assigned to Sólo con Tu Pareja.

After the film was completed, the Mexican government refused to distribute it, but Sólo con Tu Pareja was presented at several international festivals. It won awards at the Ariel Awards (by the Mexican Academy of Film) and at the Toronto Festival of Festivals. After this international recognition the movie was finally shown in 1993 in its country of origin where it became a box-office success. It occupies the 87th place on the list of the 100 best movies of the cinema of Mexico.

In 2006, Criterion Collection released Sólo con Tu Pareja in DVD (Region 1), with a new remastered transfer and with the shorts Noche de Bodas by Carlos Cuarón and Cuarteto Para el Fin Del Tiempo (Alfonso Cuarón's first short, made when he was a film student in 1983).

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weitere Titel:
Sólo con tu pareja
Sólo Con Tu Pareja
Uniquement avec ton partenaire
Uno per tutteeml
러브 앤드 히스테리ko
Genre:romantische Komödie
Verleih:Warner Bros. Entertainment
Regie:Alfonso Cuarón
Drehbuch:Alfonso Cuarón
Kamera:Emmanuel Lubezki
Schnitt:Emmanuel Lubezki
Produzent:Alfonso Cuarón
Darsteller:Daniel Giménez Cacho
Ariel López Padilla
Regina Orozco
Claudia Ramírez
Dobrina Cristeva
Astrid Hadad
Riccardo Dalmacci
Claudia Fernández
Raúl Valerio
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Ariel Awards, Mexico
Silver Ariel
Best Original Story (Mejor Argumento Original)
Ariel Awards, Mexico
Silver Ariel
Best Cinematography (Mejor Fotografía)
Ariel Awards, Mexico
Silver Ariel
Best Screenplay (Mejor Guión Cinematográfico)
Ariel Awards, Mexico
Silver Ariel
Best First Work (Mejor Ópera Prima)
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