Wild Party


The Wild Party is a 1975 Merchant Ivory Productions film directed by James Ivory and starring James Coco and Raquel Welch. It was produced by Ismail Merchant.[4]

An aging silent movie comic star of the 1920s named Jolly Grimm attempts a comeback by staging a party to show his new film. But the party turns into a sexual free-for-all and the comic ends up killing his mistress, Queenie, and an actor who has taken an interest in her.

The film was loosely based on a poem by Joseph Moncure March and filmed in Riverside, California. The poem was also made into two musicals, a Broadway show, composed by Michael John LaChiusa, which followed the poem very closely, and an off-Broadway production, composed by Andrew Lippa, which took some artistic liberties with the poem but still less than this movie.

A dance scene was choreographed by Patricia Birch.

Quelle: Wikipedia(englisch)
weitere Titel:
The Wild Party ast
Villit juhlatfi
Party selvaggio
Шалена вечірка
Festa salvatge
Дикая вечеринка
Wild Party
Genre:Independentfilm, Dramedy, Literaturverfilmung, Filmdrama
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
IMDB: 478
Verleih:American International Pictures
Regie:James Ivory
Drehbuch:Joseph Moncure March
Walter Marks
Kamera:Walter Lassally
Musik:Walter Marks
Louis St. Louis
Produzent:Ismail Merchant
Darsteller:James Coco
Raquel Welch
Perry King
Tiffany Bolling
Royal Dano
David Dukes
Dena Dietrich
Jennifer Lee
Regis Cordic
Eddie Lawrence
Bobo Lewis
Martin Kove
Chuck Comisky
Mews Small
Baruch Lumet
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