Der Privatkrieg des Major Benson


The Private War of Major Benson is 1955 comedy film starring Charlton Heston, Julie Adams, Sal Mineo and Tim Hovey, about a tough-talking U.S. Army officer who must shape up the JROTC program at Sheridan Academy, a Catholic boys' military academy, or be forced out of the Army.

The movie was filmed on St. Catherine's Military School campus in 1955, with cadets as the actors in all but the leading roles. Universal Pictures chose St. Catherine's cadets and location for their humorous comedy about the challenges facing the new commandant of a military school by the antics of a group of grade school cadets. The picture featured a full battalion of St. Catherine's students.

This movie was said to be one of the inspirations for a remake that is released on the movie's 40th anniversary that is also filmed by Universal Pictures which is Nick Castle's military-comedy Major Payne starring Damon Wayans as the loosely-based protagonist Major Benson Winifred Payne, and it was also possibly inspired by the 1984 TV movie Hard Knox (starring Robert Conrad).

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weitere Titel:
The Private War of Major Benson ast
La guerra privada del mayor Benson
La Guerre privée du major Benson
本森少校的私人战争zh-cn zh-hans
Der Privatkrieg des Major Benson
La guerra privata del maggiore Benson
La guerra privada del major Benson
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
IMDB: 692
Verleih:Universal Studios
Regie:Jerry Hopper
Drehbuch:Bill Roberts
Musik:Henry Mancini
Darsteller:Charlton Heston
Julie Adams
Tim Hovey
William Demarest
Nana Bryant
Tim Considine
Sal Mineo
Milburn Stone
Mary Field
Joey D. Vieira
Mickey Little
Don Haggerty
David Janssen
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Academy Awards
Best Writing, Motion Picture Story
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