Rainbow Over Texas


Rainbow Over Texas is a film from 1946 in which Roy Rogers plays himself as a famous cowboy-singer returning to Texas. Directed by Frank McDonald from a story by Max Brand, it co-stars George "Gabby" Hayes and Dale Evans.

The self-portrayal of Roy Rogers as a more glamorous version of himself in Rainbow Over Texas revealed the great lengths to which Hollywood film studios would go in promoting their own film stars and made patently clear the self-referential advertising employed by studio productions in order to garner greater box office sales.

Since that time, "rainbow over Texas" has become a colloquialism for anyone who self-aggrandizes their own life in mythic and fantastical terms. For example, an individual who confabulates their previous experiences or resume out of either ignorance or self-importance is likened to a "rainbow over Texas".[citation needed ]

The movie was shot on location near 426 W. Potrero Road in Thousand Oaks, California.[1]

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weitere Titel:
Rainbow Over Texas ast
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
IMDB: 71
Regie:Frank McDonald
Darsteller:Roy Rogers
George Hayes
The Sons of the Pioneers
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