Hay Foot


Hay Foot is a 1942 American military comedy, the second of five World War II-themed Hal Roach's Streamliners starring William Tracy and Joe Sawyer (three additional entries in the series were produced after the war). Fred Guiol directed seven of the eight films, the exception being 1951's As You Were. The leads were played by William Tracy and Joe Sawyer, with co-stars James Gleason, Noah Beery, Jr. and Elyse Knox.

Dodo Doubleday has been inexplicably reduced from first sergeant to staff sergeant and has resumed being orderly to his regimental commander Colonel Barkley. Sergeant Ames is still a buck sergeant who hates Dodo because he advanced to outrank Ames within Dodo's first 24 hours in the army. Dodo's former comrade in arms Charlie Cobb is also a buck sergeant. As both Cobb and Ames are the best marksman in the regiment but constantly boast of their prowess, Colonel Barkley seeks to find an expert who can outshoot them.

Though possessing a photographic memory that enabled him to advance from private to senior non-commissioned officer in less than 24 hours, Dodo has one weakness: though his book knowledge enables him to give lectures on weapons disassembly and ballistics, he is gun shy and an incompetent marksman. After nearly shooting several of his fellow soldiers on the pistol range, with the actual target being the safest place to hide, Dodo is ordered to go into the woods to practice. There his missed shots impress the picnicking colonel and his daughter Betty when Dodo accidentally shoots a hawk through the eye whilst in flight and after the colonel catches a fish who breaks the line and is in the process of rolling back into the water, an accidental discharge from Dodo's pistol shoots the fish through his eye. Eager to deflate the boasting Ames and Cobb, the colonel bets a month's pay that Dodo can outshoot Ames and Cobb.

Ames and Cobb's hatred of Dodo increases when in the interests of promoting democracy in the United States Army, Betty invites Dodo to dinner at the colonel's quarters, but Ames and Cobb believe they have been invited as well.

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weitere Titel:
Hay Foot ast
Genre:romantische Komödie
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
IMDB: 97
Verleih:United Artists
Regie:Fred Guiol
Musik:Edward Ward
Darsteller:William Tracy
Joe Sawyer
James Gleason
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