Das häßliche Mädchen


Das häßliche Mädchen ("The Ugly Girl", sometimes translated "The Ugly Duckling") is a German comedy film made in early 1933, during the transition from the Weimar Republic to Nazi Germany, and premièred in September that year. It was the first or second film directed by Hermann Kosterlitz, who left Germany before the film was completed and later worked in the United States under the name Henry Koster, and the last German film in which Dolly Haas appeared; she also later emigrated to the US. A riot broke out at the première to protest the male lead, Max Hansen, who was supposedly "too Jewish." The film's representation of the "ugly girl" as outsider has been described as a metaphorical way to explore the outsider existence of Jews.

Quelle: Wikipedia(englisch)
weitere Titel:
Das häßliche Mädchen
Het meisje met de beweegbare ooren
Herstellungsland:NS-Staat, Deutschland
IMDB: 23
Regie:Henry Koster
Drehbuch:Felix Jackson
Darsteller:Dolly Haas
Max Hansen
Otto Wallburg
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