Call Me Mister


Call Me Mister is a 1951 American Technicolor musical film released by Twentieth Century-Fox. The feature was directed by Lloyd Bacon and re-written from the 1946 Broadway play version by Albert E. Lewin and Burt Styler with music by Harold Rome that featured cast members from the US armed forces.

Call Me Mister was filmed in Technicolor, and starred Betty Grable and Dan Dailey and co-starred Danny Thomas with supporting players Dale Robertson, Benay Venuta, and Richard Boone. Only a couple Harold Rome numbers were kept in the film.[3]

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weitere Titel:
Call Me Mister ast
Seikkailu Tokiossafi
Butterfly americana
Aventure à Tokyo
Call Me Mister (film)id
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
IMDB: 235
Regie:Lloyd Bacon
Musik:Leigh Harline
Darsteller:Betty Grable
Dan Dailey
Dale Robertson
Benay Venuta
Richard Boone
Jeffrey Hunter
Frank Fontaine
Jerry Paris
Robert Rockwell
Dabbs Greer
Paul Burke
Jack Kelly
Harry Lauter
Walter Sande
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