Daddy Long Legs


Daddy Long Legs (1931) is an American pre-Code film directed by Alfred Santell and starring Janet Gaynor and Warner Baxter. The story involves an orphan who is taken under the wing of a wealthy benefactor.[2]

The original story, written in 1912 by Jean Webster, compared the childhood of the wealthy to those in the orphanage. Although suffering under a tough matron, Judy Abbott (Janet Gaynor) manages to cope and help the other orphans through intelligence and hard work. Wealthy Jervis Pendleton (Warner Baxter), who is the benefactor, can't help admiring his young charge, though she doesn't know that he's sponsoring her schooling. She does not realize he has been sponsoring her, even when they meet, through Jervis' niece, who is Judy's room mate; and, the girl who was once alone, has to choose between their growing affection, and a younger suitor.[3]

Janet Gaynor had won the first Academy Award for Best Actress in 1928 and Warner Baxter had won the second Academy Award for Best Actor for his portrayal of the Cisco Kid in In Old Arizona by the time Daddy Long Legs was released. The screenplay was based on the stage play Daddy Long-Legs by Jean Webster.[3]

Fox made a French and Italian dubbed version of the film; and, successfully sued a Dutch company, for making a film based on the same material.[4]

Quelle: Wikipedia(englisch)
weitere Titel:
Daddy Long Legs ast
Papà gambalunga
بابا لنگ‌دراز (فیلم ۱۹۳۱)fa
Papa longues jambes
Genre:romantische Komödie
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
IMDB: 66
Verleih:Fox Broadcasting Company
Regie:Alfred Santell
Drehbuch:Sonya Levien
Kamera:Lucien Andriot
Musik:Hugo Friedhofer
Produzent:Fox Film Corporation
Darsteller:Janet Gaynor
Warner Baxter
Una Merkel
Elizabeth Patterson
Claude Gillingwater
John Arledge
Kendall McComas
Kathlyn Williams
Louise Closser Hale
Sheila Bromley
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