Hearts in Bondage


Hearts in Bondage is a 1936 American war film directed by Lew Ayres. It was the only film that Ayres directed.

This 1936 film is in black and white and is a drama based on events in the American Civil War and starts with citizens choosing loyalty to the Confederate States of America or to the Union in the first days of the crisis. Early scenes show the burning of the USS Merrimack by its Union crew to prevent it from falling into Confederate hands. However, the Merrimack, which had been burnt down to the waterline, was later rebuilt by the Confederacy, as an ironclad, and was renamed the CSS Virginia.

The film shows that, during the war, the Union built its own ironclad, the USS Monitor. When the Virginia emerged on its sortie in the Battle of Hampton Roads it inflicted major damage on the Union fleet in the harbor. Subsequent scenes show the arrival of the Monitor and its battle with the Virginia.

Scenes of the battle are dramatic and were done with models fabricated under the direction of Bud Thackery.

Hooper Atchley, Maurice Brierre, Sonny Bupp, Smiley Burnette, Bob Card, Allan Cavan, Lane Chandler, Marc Cramer, Earl Eby, Jack Evans, Pat Flaherty, Herman Hack, Jack Ingram, Eugene Jackson, Charles King, Ethan Laidlaw, Frankie Marvin, Robert Paige, Henry Roquemore, Clinton Rosemond, Helen Seamon, Harry Strang, Arthur Wanzer, Cecil Watson and Wally West appear uncredited.

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weitere Titel:
Hearts in Bondage ast
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
IMDB: 110
Regie:Lew Ayres
Drehbuch:Karl Brown
Musik:Hugo Riesenfeld
Produzent:Nat Levine
Herman Schlom
Darsteller:James Dunn
Mae Clarke
David Manners
Henry B. Walthall
Fritz Leiber senior
George Irving
Irving Pichel
J. M. Kerrigan
Ben Alexander
Oscar Apfel
Russell Hicks
George Hayes
Erville Alderson
Etta McDaniel
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