It's My Party


It's My Party is a 1996 American drama film written and directed by Randal Kleiser, it was one of the first feature films to address the topic of AIDS patients dying with dignity.[2] The film is based on the true events of the death of Harry Stein, accomplished architect and designer, who was actually director Kleiser's ex-lover. Stein's actual farewell party was held in 1992.

The cast includes Olivia Newton-John, Margaret Cho, Bronson Pinchot, Devon Gummersall, George Segal, Lee Grant, Marlee Matlin, Roddy McDowall, Steve Antin, Bruce Davison, Sally Kellerman, Lou Liberatore, Nina Foch, Eric Roberts as Nick Stark and Gregory Harrison as Brandon, Stark's estranged lover who returns to attend the party and say goodbye. Kleiser directed Newton-John in Grease almost 20 years earlier.

Quelle: Wikipedia(englisch)
weitere Titel:
Это моя вечеринка
Le Dernier Anniversaire
It's My Partysh ast
Fiesta de despedida
Це моя вечірка
Un party per Nick
Moje przyjęciepl
Poslední večírekcs
És la meva festa
Genre:Filmdrama, LGBT-Film
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
IMDB: 2693
Verleih:United Artists
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