Bad Little Angel


Bad Little Angel is a 1939 inspirational drama film starring Virginia Weidler as an orphan named Patsy Sanderson, living in America around 1900. The film was based on the story "Looking After Sandy" by Margaret Turnbull.

Treated with contempt in her small New England town, the lonely Patsy takes the advice of a dying woman and decides to live according to verses in the Bible. After reading a verse about Egypt, she flees her orphanage and spends almost all the money she has on a train ticket to a town called Egypt, New Jersey. There she finds friends and a new family, helps the downtrodden, and awakens the consciences of wrongdoers.

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weitere Titel:
Bad Little Angel ast
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
IMDB: 246
Regie:Wilhelm Thiele
Drehbuch:Margaret Turnbull
Musik:Edward Ward
Darsteller:Virginia Weidler
Gene Reynolds
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