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Merrill's Marauders is a 1962 Technicolor war film, photographed in Panavision, and directed and co-written by Samuel Fuller. It is based on the exploits of the long range penetration jungle warfare unit of the same name in the Burma Campaign, culminating in the Siege of Myitkyina.

The source is the non-fiction book The Marauders, written by Charlton Ogburn Jr., a communications officer who served with Merrill's Marauders. Filmed on location in the Philippines, the economical historical epic film stars Jeff Chandler (in his final role) as Frank Merrill and several actors from the Warner Brothers Television stock company who were then the lead actors in American television shows.

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weitere Titel:
Merrill's Marauders sh ast
Les maraudeurs attaquent
L'urlo della battaglia
陽動作戦 (映画)
Filem Merrill's Maraudersms
Durchbruch auf Befehl
מבצע בורמהhe
Operation Burma
Genre:Kriegsfilm, Filmdrama, Thriller
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
Verleih:Warner Bros. Entertainment
Regie:Samuel Fuller
Drehbuch:Samuel Fuller
Kamera:William H. Clothier
Schnitt:Folmar Blangsted
Musik:Howard Jackson
Produzent:Milton Sperling
United States Pictures
Darsteller:Jeff Chandler
Ty Hardin
Andrew Duggan
Claude Akins
Peter Brown
Will Hutchins
John Hoyt
Samuel V. Wilson
Charles James Briggs
Chuck Hicks
Chuck Roberson
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