... und knallten ihn nieder


Guns of Diablo is a Metrocolor 1965 Western film directed by Boris Sagal and produced by Boris Ingster, starring Charles Bronson, Susan Oliver and Kurt Russell. Charles Bronson is a wagon train master (Linc Murdock), who runs into difficulties when he meets old girlfriend Maria (Susan Oliver), now married to Rance Macklin (Jan Merlin), whose father owned a ranch that Murdock once worked on.[2]

This is an expanded version of the last episode of MGM-TV's brief series The Travels of Jaimie McPheeters ("The Day of the Reckoning"), originally telecast in black and white over ABC on March 15, 1964. Russ Conway refilmed Dan O'Herlihy's original scenes as Kurt Russell's father for this adaptation.

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weitere Titel:
Il californiano
Guns of Diablo ast
Le Californien
As armas do diañogl
... und knallten ihn nieder
تفنگ‌های دیابلوfa
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
IMDB: 716
Regie:Boris Sagal
Musik:Leigh Harline
Darsteller:Charles Bronson
Susan Oliver
Kurt Russell
John Fiedler
Susan Flannery
Douglas Fowley
Rayford Barnes
Ron Hagerthy
Robert Carricart
Morris Ankrum
Russ Conway
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