Empire is an hour-long Western television series set on a 1960s 500,000-acre (2,000 km2) ranch in New Mexico, starring Richard Egan, Terry Moore, and Ryan O'Neal.[1] It ran on NBC from September 25, 1962, to May 14, 1963.[1]

In the second abbreviated season, from September 24 to December 31, 1963, it was renamed Redigo after Egan's title character, Jim Redigo, the general manager of the fictitious Garrett ranch in Empire, and reduced to a half-hour.[2] Empire was shown on ITV in the United Kingdom as Big G.

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weitere Titel:
Empire ast ga
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
IMDB: 46
Verleih:Screen Gems
Musik:Johnny Green
Darsteller:Richard Egan
Ryan O’Neal
Terry Moore
Anne Seymour
Charles Bronson
Warren Vanders
Claire Adams
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Writers Guild of America, USA
WGA Award (TV)
Episodic Drama
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