Uranium Boom


Uranium Boom is a 1956 American film directed by William Castle and starring Dennis Morgan and Patricia Medina.

Becoming mining partners after first getting into a fistfight, two men strike uranium pay dirt in remote Colorado. Grady (William Talman) guards the claim while Brad (Dennis Morgan) returns to town to register their find. Unfortunately, Brad is distracted by a young beautiful woman from Denver and quickly marries her, before he realizes she has a past with his partner, who doesn't take the news well.

Vowing to ruin Brad any way he can, Grady begins by giving his half-share of the mine to Jean Williams (Patricia Medina), his former sweetheart, in an attempt to win her back. When that fails, Grady spreads a rumor that the railroad is erecting a spur near the uranium mine. The greed-driven Brad sinks all his money into preparing for the train, then ends up broke when he discovers the truth.

But when he realizes Jean won't leave Brad no matter what, Grady shrugs it off and agrees to become partners with him once again.

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weitere Titel:
Uranium Boom ast
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
IMDB: 45
Verleih:Columbia Pictures
Regie:William Castle
Drehbuch:George W. George
Produzent:Sam Katzman
Darsteller:Dennis Morgan
Patricia Medina
William Talman
William Henry
Frank Wilcox
Ralph Sanford
Philip Van Zandt
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