Secret of the Blue Room


The Secret of the Blue Room is a 1933 American pre-Code murder-mystery film directed by Kurt Neumann and starring Lionel Atwill, Gloria Stuart, Paul Lukas and Edward Arnold.

The plot is based on the German film Secret of the Blue Room, made the previous year. Universal remade it twice: as The Missing Guest in 1938 and as Murder in the Blue Room in 1944; the latter is played mostly as a comedy with songs, though still largely faithful to the original plot.

A woman's suitor challenges his two rivals to each spend a night in a room in which several murders occurred years before at 1 a.m. The suitor, Tommy, sleeps there on the first night but disappears at 1 a.m. Then the second man sleeps there on the second night. At 12:30 a.m, he starts playing the piano, but is shot half an hour later.

As these events occur, a police investigation leads to several answers to several mysteries. On the fifth night, the third man sleeps in the Blue Room. However, he places a dummy in an armchair and conceals himself behind a coat. At 1 a.m, a revolver pokes round the door and fires at the dummy. The man and several police officers jump out of their hiding places. After a furious gunfight, the villain is apprehended and it turns out to be none other than Tommy, the first suitor, who had ostensibly disappeared.

Quelle: Wikipedia(englisch)
weitere Titel:
Secret of the Blue Room ast
La Sekreto de la Blua Ĉambroeo
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
IMDB: 580
Verleih:Universal Studios
Regie:Kurt Neumann
Produzent:Carl Laemmle junior
Darsteller:Lionel Atwill
Gloria Stuart
Paul Lukas
Edward Arnold
Robert Barrat
Russell Hopton
Elizabeth Patterson
Onslow Stevens
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