Returning Mickey Stern


Returning Mickey Stern is a 2002 comedy film written and directed by Michael Prywes. It stars Joseph Bologna, Tom Bosley, Renée Taylor, Connie Stevens, and Joshua Fishbein and was shot almost entirely on Fire Island, off the coast of Long Island, NY. It is the story of a former professional baseball player who discovers a second chance at life and love on the island. The film opened in theaters in New York, Los Angeles, and Massachusetts in 2003,[1] and was released by Pathfinder Home Entertainment on DVD in 2006.

Returning Mickey Stern was the first film ever to have four of its stars chosen by the worldwide Internet audience. Through the CastOurMovie web portal, web users could view audition video, peruse headshots and resumes, and discuss their opinions about the actors. The web site garnered the attention of Time magazine, Entertainment Weekly, Industry Standard, the U.S. News & World Report, and many other media outlets. Two million people participated in the online voting, and the winners were: Kylie Delre, Michael Oberlander, Sarah Schoenberg, and John Sloan.[2]

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weitere Titel:
Returning Mickey Stern ast
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
IMDB: 117
Regie:Michael Prywes
Drehbuch:Michael Prywes
Produzent:Joseph Bologna
Darsteller:Joseph Bologna
Tom Bosley
Renée Taylor
Connie Stevens
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