Protecting the King


Protecting the King is a 2007 American drama film starring Peter Dobson as Elvis Presley. Rereleased June 2022, the film may be rented for streaming at the official webpage of the film. It tells the story of David Stanley (Matt Barr), the stepbrother and bodyguard of Elvis.

In June of 1972, The King Of Rock & Roll, Elvis Presley, invites his sixteen-year-old stepbrother David Stanley to drop out of school and join his personal entourage. David eagerly accepts and embarks on an eye-opening journey that’s every teenager's Rock & Roll fantasy. A boy in a man's world, David quickly becomes a bodyguard, caretaker, and fixer. He finds himself struggling to do whatever is necessary to shield the image of his beloved brother while dealing with the demons of his own personal life.


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weitere Titel:
Protecting the King ast
Genre:Filmbiografie, Filmdrama
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
IMDB: 338
Kamera:Philip Lee
Darsteller:Peter Dobson
Tom Sizemore
Dey Young
Brian Krause
Mark Rolston
John Bennett Perry
Vincent De Paul
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