The Pharaohs' Woman


The Pharaohs' Woman (Italian: La donna dei faraoni) is a 1960 historical drama film film directed by Victor Tourjansky and starring John Drew Barrymore. The film is set in Ancient Egypt during the 31st century BCE (shortly after the unification of Upper and Lower Egypt) and pertains to a love story set against the backdrop of a power struggle between a prince of the former ruling dynasty of Lower Egypt and the new overlords from Upper Egypt. It was the first feature film shot in Techniscope.[1]

Quelle: Wikipedia(englisch)
weitere Titel:
The Pharaohs' Woman
La Princesse du Nil
La donna dei faraoni
IMDB: 31
Regie:Viktor Tourjansky
Drehbuch:Ugo Liberatore
Kamera:Pier Ludovico Pavoni
Schnitt:Antonietta Zita
Musik:Giovanni Fusco
Darsteller:Enzo Fiermonte
Guido Celano
John Drew Barrymore
Linda Cristal
Pierre Brice
Armando Francioli
Lilli Lembo
Nerio Bernardi
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