Ghost in the Noonday Sun


Ghost in the Noonday Sun is a 1974 British comedy film directed by Peter Medak starring Peter Sellers, Anthony Franciosa and Spike Milligan. The film suffered a difficult production due to Sellers's erratic behavior and was not theatrically released.[3] Medak described the film as "the biggest disaster of my life" in 2016.[4]

The script was written by Evan Jones and Ernest Tidyman (uncredited) with additional dialogue by Spike Milligan. The film was produced by Thomas Clyde and Gareth Wigan with cinematography by Michael Reed and Larry Pizer. The title and some of the plot details are based on the book of the same title by Newbery Medal-winning children's author Sid Fleischman.

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weitere Titel:
شبح در خورشید ظهرfa
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Herstellungsland:Vereinigtes Königreich
IMDB: 125
Regie:Peter Medak
Drehbuch:Evan Jones
Kamera:Michael Reed
Schnitt:Ray Lovejoy
Musik:Denis King
Produzent:Gareth Wigan
Darsteller:Peter Sellers
Spike Milligan
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