Geraldine's Fortune


Geraldine's Fortune is a 2004 Canadian comedy-drama film. It was directed by John N. Smith, written by Tim Burns and based on the play Les Belles-sœurs by Michel Tremblay.

Geraldine Liddle (Curtin) is a small town woman from New Brunswick who gains local fame as she is about to appear on a gameshow called Bring Home the Bacon (a show with a pig theme similar to Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?) with a top prize of $2 million dollars. As friends and family gather to watch Geraldine on television, family secrets come to surface and a physical fight occurs, bringing all the family and friends outdoors. As the fight is happening, Geraldine calls them for help with a question during the gameshow. After the question is asked, the scene turns back to the home where the fight is happening outdoors and where only Geraldine's elderly mother, who has less than her full faculties, is left alone, inside near the phone. The telephone rings and rings and rings, until finally she answers. Geraldine, realizing the senility of the woman, doesn't know whether to trust her answer. Geraldine and her husband return to announce whether she answered the question correctly or not, only to discover long buried family truths have come to light.

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weitere Titel:
Geraldine's Fortune cy
Genre:Filmdrama, Dramedy
IMDB: 109
Regie:John N. Smith
Drehbuch:Tim Burns
Darsteller:Jane Curtin
Mary Walsh
Matt Frewer
Sheila McCarthy
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