Dr. Pomerantz


Dr. Pomerantz (Hebrew: ד"ר פומרנץ ‎) is a 2011 Israeli film directed by and starring Assi Dayan. It premiered in 2011 at the 27th Haifa International Film Festival and was theatrically released in Israel on February 23, 2012. The film was nominated for Best Screenplay at the Ophir Awards in September 2012.[1] The film became Dayan's final as a director as well as an actor, before his death in May 2014.

In the film, Dayan plays a clinical psychologist named Dr. Yoel Pomerantz. Pomerantz's life is one big mess, both personally and professionally. His wife committed suicide because she thought their 5-year-old son was mentally retarded. The son, Yoav (Michael Hanegbi), who is now 30 years old, actually has Asperger syndrome. He works as a traffic inspector and more than anything else, loves to affix traffic tickets to car windshields.[2]

The film was met with mostly favorable reviews, though did very poor business at the Israeli Box office. The film initially remained unreleased on DVD, and was only available through VOD. But shortly after Dayan's death, the film saw a first DVD release in June 2014.

Quelle: Wikipedia(englisch)
weitere Titel:
Dr. Pomerantz hif
ד"ר פומרנץhe
Genre:schwarze Komödie
IMDB: 96
Regie:Assi Dajan
Drehbuch:Assi Dajan
Kamera:Boaz Yehonatan Yaacov
Schnitt:Zohar Sela
Musik:Amit Poznansky
Darsteller:Assi Dajan
Rivka Michaeli
Shmil Ben Ari
Shlomo Vishinsky
Yosef Carmon
Michael Hanegbi
Yevgeniya Dodina
Shlomo Bar-Shavit
Tzufit Grant
Oshik Levi
Lucy Dubinchik
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Awards of the Israeli Film Academy
Award of the Israeli Film Academy
Best Screenplay
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