Dada's Dance


Dada's Dance (simplified Chinese: 达达 ; traditional Chinese: 達達 ; pinyin: Dádá ) is a 2008 Chinese film directed by the leading sixth generation director, Zhang Yuan. Unlike earlier films in his career, Dada's Dance successfully negotiated the Chinese censorship apparatus and emerged unedited and unchanged from Zhang's original cut.[1] The film stars Li Xinyun as the titular Dada and was produced by Zhang's own Zhang Yuan Cultural Studios and the Beijing Century Good-Tidings Cultural Development Company.

The film screened once in Beijing, China during the Beijing Screenings event[2] on 25 September 2008[3] and had its international premiere at the Pusan International Film Festival on 3 October 2008.

Quelle: Wikipedia(englisch)
weitere Titel:
Dada's Dance
Herstellungsland:Volksrepublik China
IMDB: 40
Regie:Zhang Yuan
Musik:Andrea Guerra
Produzent:Zhang Yuan
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