Blondes vs. Brunettes


Blondes vs. Brunettes was an ABC TV special that was broadcast on May 14, 1984.[1][2] The one-hour variety show, co-hosted by Joan Collins and Morgan Fairchild, was a humorous look at the personality and lifestyle differences between blonde and brunette women. Time magazine characterized the special as a "showdown" between Collins, "…TV’s brunette meanie and Morgan Fairchild, 34, a blond TV vixen." [3] At the time of the release, Collins was starring in the popular nighttime soap opera Dynasty where she played a dark haired foil to the blonde Linda Evans.[4]

Despite the imagery of a confrontation, the special gently poked fun at popular culture's blonde vs. brunette rivalry [5] and attempted to "dispel the myths about blondes and brunettes."[6] The show featured a number of skits including a "Dynasty" skit where Fairchild and Collins played the roles of the show’s blonde and brunette rivals.[7] The final skit featured Collins and Fairchild in their elderly years offering a toast to each other.[6] The lengthy guest cast included Brooke Shields and Bruce Boxleitner.

The special was widely criticized and mocked for it's absurd premise.

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