Ente gut, alles gut


Chicken and Duck Talk (Chinese: 雞同鴨講 ; Jyutping: gai1 tung4 aap3 gong2 ; lit.: 'Chicken with Duck Talk') is a 1988 comedy film starring and co-written by Michael Hui. It is directed and co-written by Clifton Ko. The film deals with the conflict that ensues between the proprietor of an old-fashioned roast duck restaurant that is in trouble for health violations and the new fast food chicken restaurant that opens across the street. The film was the highest-grossing Hong Kong film released in 1988. Hui's screenplay and performance won him several awards, including a special award given by the American Film Institute in 1989.

The film also includes a celebrity cameo by Sam Hui (Michael's younger brother), as the master of ceremonies at the grand opening of Danny's Chicken, and the screen debut of Gloria Yip in a brief appearance as Hui's son's school friend. Sam Hui (as himself) speaks the title phrase, an idiom for people not understanding each other,[1] to cut his speech short.

Quelle: Wikipedia(englisch)
Kinostart:14.07.1988 in Hongkong
26.08.1988 in Republik China
weitere Titel:
Разговор цыплёнка с уткой
Chicken and Duck Talk
雞同鴨講zh zh-hant
Ente gut, alles gut
Prise de bec à Hong Kong
Originalsprache:kantonesische Sprache
IMDB: 635
Regie:Clifton Ko
Drehbuch:Michael Hui
Kamera:Deric Wan
Musik:Richard Yuen
Produzent:Ronny Yu
Michael Hui
Darsteller:Ricky Hui
Sylvia Chang
Lowell Lo
Lawrence Ng
Michael Hui
Ku Feng
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