Immigrants – L.A. Dolce Vita


Immigrants, also known as L.A. Dolce Vita or Immigrants: L.A. Dolce Vita (Hungarian title: Immigrants - Jóska menni Amerika), is a 2008 Hungarian-American animated film directed by Gábor Csupó. The Hungarian release date was October 30, 2008. It is the fifth feature-length film from studio Klasky-Csupo, and the first feature-length animated film directed by Csupó.

The characters and storyline in this motion picture were to have been the basis for a new animated series for Spike TV, which was to have debuted in August 2004;[1] however, despite scheduling a two-hour marathon of the series on its premiere and an order of six episodes, the series never aired, due to the decline of the Spike TV animation block. It was later compiled into a film and released in October 2008 in Hungary.

The film was released on a Region 1 DVD in 2009 by Echo Bridge Home Entertainment.

Quelle: Wikipedia(englisch)
weitere Titel:
Иммигранты (мультфильм)
Immigrants – Jóska menni Amerikahu
مهاجرت (فیلم ۲۰۰۸)fa
Immigrants – L.A. Dolce Vita
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten, Ungarn
Originalsprache:Ungarisch, Englisch
IMDB: 752
Regie:Gábor Csupó
Drehbuch:Josh Lieb
Reid Harrison
Musik:Gábor Csupó
Gregory Hinde
Drew Neumann
Produzent:Arlene Klasky
Gábor Kálomista
Gábor Csupó
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