I due toreri


I due toreri (Spanish: Dos toreros de aúpa) is a 1965 Italian-Spanish comedy film directed by Giorgio Simonelli.

In Sicily Franco and Ciccio are empowered by a local mafia man to guard for a wide range of salad. In reality however this is not simple salad vegetables but marijuana; the two bungling fools and friends do not realize it at first. Indeed, seeing that with this delicious salad could make us profits, steal it and are discovered by the police. The policemen, discovering the marijuana, would stop Franco and Ciccio which however manage admirably to escape and to embark for Spain. There are exchanged for two famous bullfighters and sent to compete with ferocious bulls in bullfights.

Quelle: Wikipedia(englisch)
weitere Titel:
I due toreri
Dos toreros de aúpa
Genre:Buddy-Film, Filmkomödie
IMDB: 23
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