Die eiserne Jungfrau


The Iron Maiden (released in the US as Swinging Maiden) is a 1962 British comedy film. The film was directed by Gerald Thomas, and stars Michael Craig, Anne Helm, Jeff Donnell and Alan Hale, Jr. There are minor roles for Carry On stalwarts Jim Dale and Joan Sims, and the veteran actor Sam Kydd also appears with his then six-year-old son Jonathan Kydd. The film was widely perceived as an attempt to repeat the success of the film Genevieve, with traction engines in place of vintage cars.

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weitere Titel:
La vergine di ferro
The Iron Maiden en-ca en-gb ast
Die eiserne Jungfrau
Herstellungsland:Vereinigtes Königreich
IMDB: 366
Regie:Gerald Thomas
Drehbuch:Leslie Bricusse
Kamera:Alan Hume
Musik:Eric Rogers
Produzent:Peter Rogers
Darsteller:Michael Craig
Anne Helm
Jeff Donnell
Alan Hale junior
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