Mina Tannenbaum


Mina Tannenbaum is a 1994 French film written and directed by Martine Dugowson, her debut feature. It stars Romane Bohringer and Elsa Zylberstein.

It won the Boston Society of Film Critics Award for Best Foreign Language Film, and was nominated for a César Award for Best Debut and Most Promising Actress.

Mina Tannenbaum and Ethel Benegui are two Jewish girls living in Paris. They were born on the same day, 5 April 1958, at the Rothschild Hospital, Mina just before Ethel. They first meet when they are seven years old. As their religion makes them feel like outsiders at school, they form a friendship as a result, despite having nothing else in common. Ethel is extroverted and comes from a middle-class family, while Mina is introverted and comes from a lower-class background. Their friendship continues as they grow up, but as adults they start to drift apart. Mina becomes an artist and although she finds men attractive, she is afraid to approach them. Ethel meanwhile becomes a journalist specializing in popular culture, and finds herself in a string of relationships that prove unsatisfying. They soon realize how their differences have put a strain on their relationship.

Quelle: Wikipedia(englisch)
weitere Titel:
Mina Tannenbaum
Englene over Paris
Herstellungsland:Frankreich, Belgien, Niederlande
IMDB: 886
Verleih:Union générale cinématographique
Regie:Martine Dugowson
Darsteller:Romane Bohringer
Elsa Zylberstein
Alexandre von Sivers
Artus de Penguern
Florence Thomassin
Harry Cleven
Hugues Quester
Jean-Philippe Écoffey
Nils Tavernier
Stéphane Slima
Toni Cecchinato
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Boston Society of Film Critics Awards
BSFC Award
Best Foreign Language Film
César Awards, France
Most Promising Actress (Meilleur jeune espoir féminin)
César Awards, France
Best First Work (Meilleure première oeuvre)
Sochi International Film Festival
Grand Prix
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