Scenes of the Crime


Scenes of the Crime is a 2001 film directed by Dominique Forma and written by Daniel Golka, Amit Mehta, and Forma. It stars Jon Abrahams, Jeff Bridges, Noah Wyle, R. Lee Ermey, Peter Greene, Mädchen Amick, Morris Chestnut, Bob Gunton, and Brian Goodman.

The film had its world premiere at the Deauville American Film Festival on September 8, 2001, and was released in the United States on DVD on September 30, 2003. It was met with mixed opinions and moderate, but ultimately positive reviews.

The story revolves around a young driver, Lenny (Abrahams), working for a gangster, running various errands and asking no questions. After the kidnapping of an enemy mobster, Jimmy Berg (Bridges), a bitter feud erupts between the two groups with Lenny caught in the middle. Stuck in a van alone with Berg, surrounded by Berg's men, the otherwise neutral driver is forced to choose a side, but is torn by the decision.

The film envelops the events that take place amongst various characters involved in the Mexican standoff, finally leading to a twist ending that is surprisingly upbeat.

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weitere Titel:
Kriminaalsed sidemedet
Sceny zbrodnipl
La Loi des armes
Scenes of the Crime ast
Maffiák kereszttüzébenhu
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
IMDB: 1937
Regie:Dominique Forma
Musik:Christopher Young
Darsteller:Jeff Bridges
Jon Abrahams
R. Lee Ermey
Mädchen Amick
Morris Chestnut
Bob Gunton
Dominic Purcell
Louis Ferreira
Mizuo Peck
Noah Wyle
Peter Greene
Nicholas Gonzalez
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