Aa Gale Lag Jaa


Aa Gale Lag Jaa (transl. Come, embrace me ) is 1994 Hindi language movie directed by Hamid Ali Khan and starring Jugal Hansraj, Urmila Matondkar, Paresh Rawal, Ashok Saraf, Ranjeet, Reema Lagoo, Raza Murad, Arjun and Gulshan Grover.

The film marked the first leading role for Jugal Hansraj, who previously was a child artist in several films in the 1980s. Coincidentally, he was paired with Urmila Matondkar who had played his sister in his debut film Masoom (1983).

Jugal Hansraj is a poor boy raised by his uncle Paresh Rawal. Urmila Matondkar is a rich girl raised by her widowed aunt Reema Lagoo. Urmila & Jugal fall in love, but her aunt opposes the marriage on knowing that Jugal is the son of the driver of Urmila's father, who also happened to be his murderer. Jugal's uncle confirms that his real father was indeed in prison, but he was killed on release by a speeding truck.

Jugal's dreams are shattered. Suddenly, someone starts killing Urmila's father's business partners. Suspicion points towards Jugal. The murder cases are assigned to a weird Police Inspector Gulshan Grover. After realizing that killer is some third person nobody knows about, the Inspector arranges a trap for him.

It is found that the killer is Jugal's supposedly dead father. He tells everybody that the real killers were Urmila's father's business partners who were afraid that her father would expose their frauds. They framed Jugal's father who tried to remove the knife out of his masters body. Before the Inspector can arrest him, Jugal's father finds the last partner in the hospital and kills him.

Jugal's father surrenders to the police and the film ends.

The film is remembered for its melodious songs by Anu Malik.

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weitere Titel:
Aa Gale Lag Jaa hif
आ गले लग जा (सन् १९९४या संकिपा)new
आ गले लग जाhi
আ গলে লগ যাbn
ಆ ಗಲೆ ಲಗ್ ಜಾkn
Aa Gale Lag Jaa (film 1994)id
بیا در آغوشم (فیلم ۱۹۹۴)fa
IMDB: 93
Regie:Hamid Ali Khan
Drehbuch:Salim Khan
Musik:Anu Malik
Darsteller:Jugal Hansraj
Urmila Matondkar
Paresh Rawal
Ashok Saraf
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