Stark Raving Mad


Stark Raving Mad is a 2002 film, produced by A Band Apart, about a heist pulled during a rave. The film was directed and written by Drew Daywalt and David Schneider. It stars Seann William Scott, Lou Diamond Phillips, Timm Sharp, Patrick Breen, John B. Crye, Monet Mazur, Suzy Nakamura, C. Ernst Harth, and Dave Foley. The movie featured soundtrack by John Digweed.

The plot follows a linear structure, encompassing the events of one night in a nightclub which has been hired for the night by protagonist Ben (Seann William Scott). The owner is unhappy with noise levels, fearing loss of his license, but noise levels is exactly what they want. The noise is specific cover for an illicit and complex bank heist orchestrated by the main character as a means of stealing a revered, ancient Chinese statuette and clearing his and his late brother's debt with a local Chinese crime lord. Ben must complete this task before dawn in order to spare his own life. As such, he hires three "experienced" bank robbers to perform the actual act, while he and his assistant ensure that the club night runs smoothly and without incident. However, such is not the case. Two FBI agents in the club (actually checking on a drugs deal) further thwart their plan, but a Chinese food delivery boy comes in on the plan and helps out giving cover stories for the loud bangs from the basement.

Ultimately he clears out money from the bank vault and conspires that both the crime lord and his rival Chinese gang are both in the vault when the alarm goes off. The money belongs to the crime lord under a different name and he is found guilty of stealing his own money.

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weitere Titel:
Flagrant délire
Stark Raving Mad ast
Бесшабашное ограбление
Crime Party
Божевільне пограбування
Beprotiška vagystėlt
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
IMDB: 4724
Verleih:Summit Entertainment
Regie:Drew Daywalt
Musik:John Digweed
Produzent:A Band Apart
Darsteller:Seann William Scott
Lou Diamond Phillips
Terry Chen
Kavan Smith
Monet Mazur
Natassia Malthe
Christine Chatelain
Ty Olsson
Adam Arkin
Michael Eklund
Patrick Breen
Ryan Robbins
Suzy Nakamura
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