Der tanzende Gangster


The George Raft Story is a 1961 American biographical film of Hollywood film star George Raft. Ray Danton portrays Raft and the film was directed by Joseph M. Newman. The picture was retitled Spin of a Coin for release in the United Kingdom, a reference to Raft's character's nickel-flipping trick in Scarface (1932), the film that launched Raft's career as an actor known for portraying gangsters.

The film is a largely fictionalized version of Raft's turbulent life and career. Neville Brand appears briefly as Al Capone, recreating his role from the 1959 television series The Untouchables. Although other characters were fictional, Moxie was based on Raft's long-time friend and associate Mack Gray. Benjamin 'Bugsy' Siegel is a major character. No mention is made in the film of Raft's long-estranged wife Grayce (Mulrooney) or early mob benefactor Owney Madden.

George Raft and Mack Gray had played themselves almost two decades earlier in a markedly different but equally fictionalized biographical movie about Raft's early days as a dancer reluctantly involved with gangsters entitled Broadway (1942).

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weitere Titel:
The George Raft Story ast
Testa o croce
En stjernes fortidnb
Der tanzende Gangster
Le Dompteur de femmes
Genre:Filmbiografie, Filmdrama
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
IMDB: 283
Verleih:Monogram Pictures
Regie:Joseph M. Newman
Drehbuch:Crane Wilbur
Musik:Jeff Alexander
Darsteller:Ray Danton
Jayne Mansfield
Julie London
Barrie Chase
Barbara Nichols
Neville Brand
Robert Strauss
Brad Dexter
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