Crossing the Bridge


Crossing the Bridge is a 1992 American drama film starring Josh Charles, Stephen Baldwin and Jason Gedrick.

Characters Mort Golden (Josh Charles), Tim Reese (Jason Gedrick) and Danny Morgan (Stephen Baldwin) are friends who embark on a dangerous drug-smuggling venture.

The film was created by Mike Binder and loosely based on Binders' friends during the late 1970s in the Detroit/Birmingham, MI area.

Much of the plot concerns the three friends driving into Canada as couriers in a drug deal. When returning to the United States at the Ambassador Bridge crossing between Windsor, Ontario and Detroit, the protagonists face possible capture by authorities.

Smoke on the Water - Peter Himmelman

I'd Love to Change the World - Ten Years After

Fortunate Son - Creedence Clearwater Revival

These Days - Jackson Browne

Love Song - Elton John

Bad Company - Bad Company

Locomotive Breath - Ian Anderson

The Shadow of Your Smile - Tony Bennett

Wild Thing - Jimi Hendrix

From the Beginning - Emerson, Lake & Palmer

Til It Shines - Bob Seger

Impermanent Things - Peter Himmelman

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weitere Titel:
Пересекая мост
Crossing the Bridge ast
Oltre il ponte
Genre:Filmkomödie, Dramedy
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
IMDB: 725
Verleih:Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
Regie:Mike Binder
Drehbuch:Mike Binder
Kamera:Newton Thomas Sigel
Musik:Peter Himmelman
Produzent:Robert Newmyer
Darsteller:Josh Charles
Jason Gedrick
Stephen Baldwin
David Schwimmer
Abraham Benrubi
Jeffrey Tambor
Ken Jenkins
Richard Edson
Tom McCarthy
Jerry Lynn
Cheryl Pollak
Mike Binder
Sean Waltman
Bob Nickman
Bruce Baum
Hy Anzell
Steve Cochran
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