Susie Q – Engel in Pink


Susie Q is a 1996 Super RTL film directed by John Blizek and starring Justin Whalin, Amy Jo Johnson and Shelley Long. It originally aired on Super RTL, followed by Disney Channel airing it in the United States frequently in the mid 1990s. The film tells the story of a teenager dying with her boyfriend (Bentley Mitchum) on her way to their Winter Formal back in the mid-1950s and coming back to her old house about 40 years later in order to help her parents avoid being kicked out of their trailer park home. Later, Zach (Whalin) moves into Susie's (Johnson) old house, but he is the only one who is able to see Susie.

Disney Channel stopped showing the film later in the new millennium. It was given a "TV-G" rating, and it was already cut for some profanity, but not all, when it primarily aired on the Disney Channel.[2]

Quelle: Wikipedia(englisch)
weitere Titel:
Susie Q fi
Susie Q – Engel in Pink
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
Verleih:Disney Channel
Regie:John Blizek
Drehbuch:Shuki Levy
Produzent:James Shavick
Darsteller:Justin Whalin
Amy Jo Johnson
Shelley Long
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