Slings and Arrows


Slings & Arrows is a Canadian TV series set at the fictional New Burbage Festival, a Shakespearean festival similar to the real-world Stratford Festival. The program stars Paul Gross, Stephen Ouimette and Martha Burns.

The darkly comic series first aired on Canada's Movie Central and The Movie Network channels in 2003, and received acclaim in the United States when it was shown on the Sundance Channel two years later. Three seasons of six episodes each were filmed in total, with the final season airing in Canada in the summer of 2006 and in the United States in early 2007.

Slings & Arrows was created and written by former Kids in the Hall member Mark McKinney, playwright and actress Susan Coyne, and comedian Bob Martin. All three appear in the series as well. The entire series was directed by Peter Wellington.

Quelle: Wikipedia(englisch)
weitere Titel:
Slings and Arrows ast ga
莎翁祕辛zh-hant zh
莎翁秘辛zh-cn zh-hans
IMDB: 26000
Regie:Peter Wellington
Darsteller:Paul Gross
Martha Burns
Stephen Ouimette
Susan Coyne
Mark McKinney
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