Depeche Mode: Devotional


Devotional – A Performance Filmed by Anton Corbijn is a video release by Depeche Mode, featuring almost an entire concert from their 1993 Devotional Tour, filmed in Barcelona, Spain (Palau Sant Jordi), Liévin, France (Stade Couvert Régional) and Frankfurt, Germany (Festhalle). It was directed by Anton Corbijn, and released in 1993. It was nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Long Form Music Video in 1995. The soundtrack was recorded in Liévin, Stade Couvert Régional, on 29 July 1993.

This tour was particularly notable for the personal troubles the band members were struggling with at the time, most notably Dave Gahan's heroin addiction. The video is the last release to feature Alan Wilder before his departure in 1995.[2]

In 2004, the movie was re-released in DVD. The film is the same, but there are extras, such as songs that were left out of the VHS movie for time (but they have to be viewed separately), isolated footage of setlist projections, an interview with Corbijn on Devotional, pictures from the Devotional Tour booklet, and all the music videos from the Songs of Faith and Devotion era. For the first time, the complete soundtrack of Liévin is available (Halo was the only missing song before the release of the 2DVD set). Only a few dead airs and speeches were edited.

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weitere Titel:
Devotional pl ast
信仰 (音樂影像)zh
Depeche Mode: Devotional
Herstellungsland:Vereinigtes Königreich
IMDB: 816
Regie:Anton Corbijn
Musik:Martin Gore
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Grammy Awards
Best Music Video - Long Form
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