The Palestinian


The Palestinian is a 66-minute TV documentary from 1977. It was produced by and starred Vanessa Redgrave, and directed by Roy Battersby.[1]

The film was to be shown at the Doheny Plaza theatre in Los Angeles. The morning before a showing, on June 15, 1978 at 4.26 a.m., a bomb exploded in front of the theatre.[1][2] A member of the Jewish Defense League (JDL) was later convicted for the incident.[3]

That same year, Vanessa Redgrave was nominated for Best Supporting Actress at the Oscar ceremony for her role in Julia. She won the Oscar, and in her acceptance speech she made sharp comments about "Zionist hoodlums",[4] believed to be a reference to the JDL who were picketing the ceremony.[5]

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weitere Titel:
The Palestinian
IMDB: 102
Regie:Roy Battersby
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