Wild 'n Out

Nick Cannon Presents: Wild 'N Out is an American sketch comedy and improv game show series that was created and hosted by comedian Nick Cannon.[1] It debuted on July 28, 2005 on MTV.

The series has been renewed through Season 16, with 90 new episodes to be produced.[2] On June 19, 2019, it was announced that Wild 'N Out would expand to sister network VH1, with a special Summer season premiering on July 7, 2019.[3][4]

On July 14, 2020, ViacomCBS fired Cannon by terminating their contract with him after he was claimed to have "promoted hate speech and anti-Semitism" in an episode of his podcast Cannon's Class. The actions taken by ViacomCBS against Cannon led to the immediate removal of the show from VH1's schedule, however the show has not been cancelled officially by the network.[5]

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Wild 'N Out
MTV自由说唱大对决zh-hans zh
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
IMDB: 1938
Offizielle Webseite:www.mtv.com
Darsteller:Nick Cannon
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