My Little Margie

My Little Margie is an American television situation comedy starring Gale Storm and Charles Farrell that alternated between CBS and NBC from 1952 to 1955. The series was created by Frank Fox and produced in Los Angeles, California, at Hal Roach Studios by Hal Roach Jr., and Roland D. Reed.

My Little Margie premiered on CBS as a summer replacement for I Love Lucy[1] on June 16, 1952, under the sponsorship of Philip Morris cigarettes (when the series moved to NBC for its third season in the fall of 1953, Scott Paper Company became its sponsor). In an unusual move, the series—with the same leads—aired original episodes on CBS Radio, concurrently with the TV broadcasts, from December 1952 through August 1955. Only 23 radio broadcasts are known to exist in recorded form.

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weitere Titel:
My Little Margie ast ga
La mia piccola Margie
Genre:US-amerikanische Fernsehsitcom
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
IMDB: 384
Verleih:Official Films
Regie:Hal Yates
Darsteller:Gale Storm
Charles Farrell
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