Boogies Diner

Boogies Diner (also known as Boogie's Diner) is a syndicated Canadian sitcom which first aired in 1994. It stars Jim J. Bullock, Monika Schnarre, and James Marsden in one of his first appearances on television. The series ended in 1995. The series was produced and distributed by MTM Enterprises (now Fox Television Studios).

The plot of the show revolves around eight teenagers who work at Boogies Diner, a popular mall hangout. The characters work in various departments of the "diner", which also includes a fashion and music outlet. Gerald (Jim J. Bullock) is the nerdy manager who tries to keep the teenage mischief from affecting the business.

Filmed in Hamilton, Ontario, the series was compared to the American series Saved by the Bell. After the series was canceled, episodes aired on Nickelodeon and CH in Canada.

Quelle: Wikipedia(englisch)
weitere Titel:
Boogies Diner ast ga
IMDB: 43
Verleih:20th Television
Darsteller:Jim J. Bullock
Monika Schnarre
James Marsden
Zack Ward
Richard Chevolleau
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