The Man from Blackhawk

The Man From Blackhawk is a Western television series starring Robert Rockwell that aired on ABC from October 9, 1959, until September 9, 1960. The series was created and produced by Herb Meadow.[1]

In The Man From Blackhawk, Rockwell plays Sam Logan, an insurance investigator from the Blackhawk Insurance Company.[1] Logan scours the West investigating claims, verifying their accuracy, and seeking to root out fraud and dishonesty. Unlike most of his Western counterparts, Logan dresses like a dude with a suit and a drawstring tie instead of classic cowboy wear. He is also more inclined to use his fists than a gun.

Apparently designed to take advantage of the popularity of private eye television series,[according to whom? ] such as Richard Diamond, Private Detective and 77 Sunset Strip, The Man From Blackhawk was a Screen Gems production.[1]

Beverly Garland is cast as Sarah Marshall, with Richard Rust as George Blackburn, in "Logan's Policy", the series premiere (October 9, 1959). Ruta Lee portrays Ginnie Thompson, a young woman due to collect her murdered father's life insurance policy, in "The Legacy" (December 25, 1959).[2][unreliable source? ] Not all episodes are set in the American West. Tommy Rettig and Amanda Randolph, for instance, are cast as Pierre and Auntie Cotton, respectively, in "The Ghost of Lafitte" (1960), set in New Orleans, Louisiana, with Robert Foulk as Hoag Lafitte. Gregg Palmer and Walter Burke are cast as Gil Harrison and Tom Abbott, respectively, in "The Harpoon Story" (1960), set in coastal New England. Nita Talbot appears in the episode "In His Steps" (1960), set in the Bowery district of New York City. Child actor Robert Eyer portrays Davey in "The Montreal Story" (1960).[2]

Other guest stars include:

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Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
IMDB: 18
Regie:Harmon Jones
Darsteller:Robert Rockwell
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