Now We're in the Air


Now We're in the Air (aka We're Up in the Air Now ) is a 1927 American silent comedy film directed by Frank R. Strayer, starring the late-1920s intermittent comedy team of Wallace Beery and Raymond Hatton.[1] Louise Brooks, playing twins, one raised French, and the other raised German. also starred in the wartime farce.[2]

Wallace Beery and Louise Brooks worked together the following year in Beggars of Life, a well-received early sound film. Hatton also sometimes appeared paired in films with Beery's brother Noah Beery.

Wally (Wallace Beery) and Ray (Raymond Hatton) are cousins whose grandfather, Lord Abercrombie McTavish (Russell Simpson), is an aviation enthusiast who wanted to sign up as a pilot in the war. Wally and Ray are intent upon getting the fortune of their Scottish grandfather, and decide to show him that they are just as interested in aviation.

Wally and Ray enlist in the United States Army Air Service, and are caught up in the aerial battles over the World War I front lines. When the duo flies over the enemy lines in a runaway balloon, through a misunderstanding, they are honored as heroes of the enemy forces.

The Germans send the aviators back to the U. S. lines as spies for the Kaiser. Here they are captured and almost shot, but everything ends happily. Along the way, Wally and Ray fall in love with twin sisters, Grisette and Griselle (both played by Louise Brooks, one loyal to the French, the other to the Germans).

With the working title of We're Up in the Air Now , Now We're in the Air was the third in a series of war comedies starring Wallace Beery and Raymond Hatton. It followed on the heels of the popular Behind the Front and We're in the Navy Now (both released in 1926).[3]

Most of the footage in We're Up in the Air Now featured Beery and Hatton creating mayhem around a World War I airfield.[4] Along with original aerial scenes, the aerial battle footage was left over from Wings (1927) and intercut into the action.[5] Frank Tomick was hired as the stunt pilot to create additional scenes. He operated out of Griffith Park air field where Paramount had leased the airfield and the National Guard Curtiss JN-4 "Jennies" stationed there.[6][N 1]

We're Up in the Air Now was popular in its time, although not as well received as the earlier military farces from the Beery/Hatton team. The aerial scenes were an interesting aspect of the production. The film has been sought today as one of four missing films Louise Brooks made in 1927. In a modern re-appraisal, however, reviewer Janiss Garza commented: "In spite of a dual role, Brooks doesn't have much to do; Moving Picture World felt that 'any intelligent extra girl' could have handled the part."[8],

Now We're in the Air was long believed to be a lost film. Three fragments were discovered in 2016 in a Czech archive; the surviving material was incomplete and badly deteriorated. In the end, approximately 23 minutes of the original 6 reel film was able to be preserved, including one scene in which Louise Brooks is seen is wearing a black tutu. The print was found in Prague at the Czech Národní filmový archiv (the Czech Republic’s National Film Archive) by film preservationist Robert Byrne.

"When Byrne inspected the elements for Rif a Raf, Politi (the Czech title for Now We’re in the Air), he found the film had only partially survived in a state which also showed nitrate decomposition. Additionally, the surviving scenes were found to be out of order, and there were Czech-language titles in place of the original American titles. Byrne spent more than eight months reconstructing the surviving material, including restoring the film’s original English-language inter-titles and original tinting." [9]

The preserved print of We're Up in the Air Now was shown for the first time at The San Francisco Silent Film Festival on June 2, 2017.[10]

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weitere Titel:
Now We're in the Air bar ast
Зараз ми в повітрі
Luftens spionernb
We vliegen ! hoera
Genre:Filmkomödie, Stummfilm
Herstellungsland:Vereinigte Staaten
IMDB: 27
Verleih:Paramount Pictures
Regie:Frank R. Strayer
Drehbuch:Monte Brice
Kamera:Harry Perry
Produzent:Adolph Zukor
Jesse L. Lasky
Darsteller:Wallace Beery
Raymond Hatton
Louise Brooks
Émile Chautard
Malcolm Waite
Russell Simpson
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